Welcome to Computer Science Society

Techweek Chicago

"CSS has changed my life."
- Li-Wey Lu

"Joining this club has been a real life changing experience."
- Kevin Newhouse

"I'd give this club a 5 out of 5."
- Nathan Kizior

"This club has so much to offer."
- Ozzie Ahmad

"I have fallen in love with this club."
- Randall McNair

"I was once skinny and weak, but CSS has made me big and strong."
- Brendan Ivers

"I want to marry CSS."
- Jared Maloto

"If CSS was a cake, it'd be delicious."
- Eleanor Holley

"I was on the verge of death until I found out about CSS."
- Ken Yu

"I love you CSS."
- Matt Wylder

"I was born blind, but CSS cured me."
- Zac Gross

"Vote for CSS."
- Joe Sheppard

"The fun is nonstop."
- RollingStone


Computer Science Society is a resource to provide an opportunity for Computer Science students at DePaul University to collaborate on Computer Science related projects, expand their Computer Science education, and host events related to Computer Science interests for the general DePaul community.